Description of franchise system

Dress to success! Dua Dresses is an nationally famous multinational which designs, manufactures and markets women's and men's clothing and accessories.

All our stores are in prime locations, in city centers. In order to display our collections, stores have dimensions which make it possible to maintain the interior design, image and product display criteria we have designed in order to create a pleasant environment in which customers can enjoy the shopping experience.

We can be differentiated for having a highly-defined concept. The Dua Dresses concept is based on an alliance between a quality product, with an original design and a coherent and unified brand image. Dressing the modern, urban women for her daily needs is the formula we have analyzed, adapted and applied in all the countries in which Dua Dresses is present: it has been and remains one of the keys to our commercial success and national prestige.

The keys to our success can be summarized in three points: Concept, Team and Logistics System.

The secret of our company's success lies solely in backing a professional team that works day to day to achieve a common goal: TO BE PRESENT IN EVERY CITY IN THE INDIA. That's why we need you. In order to achieve this, our team combines enthusiasm, creativity and continuous training with the following values that govern the company: humility, harmony and affection.

Its principal task is to publicize our brand by opening stores in new markets around the world.

Our large team of window dressers, merchandisers, coordinators and supervisors guarantees that all of our stores enjoy the same atmosphere, offer a high level of customer service and are managed in the same way.

Franchise concept

The Dua Dresses chain offers its franchise system throughout the India.

The Dua Dresses franchise system places at your disposal a comprehensive system that covers all aspects relating to product marketing and franchise management.

We offer you a "ready-to-go" business so that you can focus your efforts exclusively on maximizing your sales.

Dua Dresses takes care of all the other aspects like update you with the latest trends, providing you with a collection that is complete, extensive and varied, supplying you in accordance to your needs, avoiding possible inventory cost and carrying out your store's interior design project. We will be training your sales and management team, changing your store's window displays design on a regular basis and assisting you continuously on item display and sales issues with the help of periodic visits by product and merchandising professionals.

If you are interested in opening a Dua Dresses franchise, contact the managers of our expansion department for the India.

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